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Pedro Malas Artes (Sanabrés Folk Tale)

Peter, as a child, he earned the nickname Pedro trickery, not because he was an individual perverse; simply was mischievous, like all kids, and also had bad luck, used to be in the wrong place and making the wrong decision. Pedro Mala Pata would have been a nickname that would have been more to the hair, but the people you know, the concept is working nominalismos before from a subjective approach, intuitive analog from a logical-rational prism. In colloquial language: nicknames put them out of their noses without a second thought and the sun comes through Antequera. After this digression we return with Pedro somewhat pedantic, still rapazaco (teenager) at the time, to which his mother instructed him to go to market. In Sanabria before the purchases were made Monday in The Bridge, where they met people traffickers, pulperas and all manner of hucksters, and neighbors came there the whole region to make their goods, giving the place a few hours of air souk Northern as healthy.Peter came to the Bridge as a pig picking her mother had bespoken a handler, so the farmer gave Peter the Pig and this hastily returned home to give to his mother. On the way he met some friends-Peter-and decided to stay and play around with them, but recalled: "My mother told me to bring the pig quickly and do not entertain me"I was about to abandon his project when he had an idea, so he went to the pig and told him:- You seem ready, listen carefully because I'm not going to repeat ...He began to talk very seriously with the animal, he explained how to get home, that he had to submit to her mother and finally ordered him to go right and without entertained along the way. Once given the explanations left the bug just so happy and left with his friends.When Peter got home his mother was concerned about the delay Raptor.- Where have you been? You went to the market this morning and it is almost night.- Playing in the era. Have you seen it? What did you think?- If you saw what?- What will be the pig.- When you bring the pig? I have not seen any.- I did not bring it, he came. You will have gotten in court *- What came alone? - The woman was already fearing the worst.- Of course! I taught him the way, so you can not have missed.- But damned! Son of the Devil! - The poor woman screamed so loudly - But how will you come home alone a pig! I'll kill him!Lucky for pedro that ran faster than his mother, if not, there it was skinned alive and we ran out of story.When it happened a little angry at her mother a week later or so, this was explained to Peter as a pig was brought home as the boy was inexperienced in these matters.- Look, Pedro, the pigs are not ready, nor understand what you say. If you let him loose, it will escape to the mountain and the wolves will eat or what you will catch the first encounter. When you bring a pig or a calf or whatever, tie it with a rope and securely carry it home. You also have to carry a stick to give sticks unless you want to follow.Peter said that if everything he recorded in his memory the words of his mother and pledged to continue to literally his advice.The following Monday his mother sent him to the market because I needed a zinc tub of those that were used for clothing, urging you not entertained along the way.And so did Peter.He came to the market and bought the bowl. Then, based on what his mother had told him, he went straight home, but first provided with a rope tied to the handle of the pileup and a stick to arrearle.The result is easy to imagine: the tub was hauled all the way, hitting rocks and trees all who opposed him. As if this were not enough, if stuck on a root or between two stones, Peter received a beating that, while he was with the staff saying- Do not be lazy mother is waiting for you.When he got home, tied one end of the rope to a ring that was in the front and serving to hold the donkeys, and went to tell his mother.- Mother, and brought the cauldron.- And where you left off, you do not see? She asked.- Where will you be? Tied to the door.The mother went to the fly behind the ear, some mischief barruntando lad. When he came and saw the state of the pileup, broken, dirty and full of dents, the wife had all demons.- But the son of Satan! What have you done with the tub, which is useless?- Well, I did what he told me, mother!- Did I tell you I despanzurraras, motherfucker?- He told me to bring him on a leash so they do not escape ... and is what I did.The mother did not know whether to laugh or mourn or sticks to kill his son, but he was almost inclined for the latter. When in doubt, Peter opted for a prudent withdrawal thereby using all the strength in his legs.Again, when his mother entered his anger and forgave the gaffe, he explained how he had to bring a bowl of the market.- Look, son. The bowl you have to put on the head. So do not hinder walking and will take away the sun, so you know for next time.Next time appeared the following Monday. They had run out of butter to make the broth and the mother sent Pedro Bridge market to buy. Peter bought the goods and returned home, it was noon and the sun was at the top. He recalled the advice his mother had given him the previous week, and being a dutiful son followed them to the letter. He put butter on his head and addressed the people whistling a tune.On the way he noticed that a thick drops down his face, to stop and see how the drops fell on the path ferns, thought- How to paste the Lorenzo, if it appears to melt me ​​brains!Without giving too much moved on stepping out to get home as soon as possible and get in the shade. When he arrived, made a puddle of butter, his mother said:- But ... What happened to you? So I sent butter bring?- For here, in the head - and he gave his mother a greasy rag, the same that had contained the lard-What about this? Sure, I felt lighter head I ...His mother, to explain how he had brought Peter, reassembled into a rage and had to put this land through until he put his anger at the woman, she must be a saint. Again, I explained how should bring butter market, Pedro explanation carefully memorized.- Look son, shortening the need to bring under his arm to keep him from the sun, and you have to put in each source you find along the way to keep it fresh and not melted.Peter promised that he would do the next time, which he did the following Monday, his mother sent him to market salt had run. Peter bought the salt in the market and obedient as always, did what his mother had said. He stood on the road all sources to put the bag of salt in them for a while, but not help noticing that the bag was getting lighter, but was always fresh.When he got home, salt was nothing left, and when he told his mother what had brought her, she was very angry, came out with a stick behind him and, as Peter saw that the thing was serious, he decided to escape a season to stay with his uncles, who lived in the next village, and lived there other adventures that will leave for another time. Of course, thought Peter, in whom the mother had not understood.
* So called sty in these payments.
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