sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

My poor head

 I'm very confused, it's true. "One day you will forget the head" often say. And there would be nothing strange if I just leave any place, invariably I have to go back because I missed something: the lighter, keys, snuff, or socks (seriously, I've thought). Sometimes I'll say hello to a colleague, I reach, say hello ... and his name just erase from my memory. These situations are very embarrassing for me and I have to settle with a good dose of wit.In the end I decided to become a specialist in treating problems of amnesia, maybe he can do something with my strange head that, for example, forget the name of my best friend and immediately remember the names of all the kings of Navarre, by rote and by name, but not remember when or where I read.Perhaps you it seems silly. Anyone may forget something, even socks. But what really prompted my concern to the extent needed psychiatric happened one morning in which, as every day I did bite the bullet and got up to go to work. I left home half asleep, as usual at that hour and headed to the subway. I got into the car almost instinctively, almost instinctively sat down, I fell asleep right away. A jolt made me realize that I had reached my station, get off the convoy and went outside, taking the direction that leads to my work.I felt a strange twilight Asaz wrapped around me, but I was alarmed; knew the way by heart despite being so clueless and it was not easy to give me a whack but saw nothing. Continue immersed in my thoughts, regarding certain relationships between international politics and Hegel's thought, when suddenly I was struck by the silence around me: There was no traffic noise could be heard the voices of children at that time are directed to school.I arrived at the building where I work, got on the elevator and when I passed the finger to press the button on the floor where my office I realized I could not see anything.I opened my eyes with a start: I was in my bed, in my room. I looked at the ceiling and then to wake quarter to nine! I had fallen asleep after turning on the light, touch me now run as usual ... a moment, something I did not have enough consistency in this situation ... was feeling was dating at the time the elevator and walked down the aisle of the company where he worked, and now my hand pressed the knob of the door to my office ... and yet remained in my room without my mind to get up. It was at that moment that I was pale if this was possible.It was not my lack of resolve what kept me glued to the bed, my body just was not in the bedroom, so I could see his eyes down, my head resting on the pillow, but nothing more. My body had gone to work as usual, he usually assumed, but I was asleep. Finally what had happened so many times I had predicted: I had left my head. Luckily I left it at home!
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